The Meson Build System
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Dylan Baker d505a68e34 Fix crlf line endings 10 months ago
1 wrap Updated manual test 1. 3 years ago
2 multiwrap Update 'manual tests/2 multiwrap' libpng dependency to 1.6.34 1 year ago
3 git wrap A few minor tweaks. 4 years ago
4 standalone binaries Fix crlf line endings 10 months ago
5 rpm modules/rpm: workaround when ext_prog not found locally 4 years ago
6 hg wrap Renamed test to plug hole in numbering. 2 years ago
7 vala composite widgets Kill tabs dead! For good! 1 year ago
8 timeout Added timeout kwarg to tests. 4 years ago
9 nostdlib Can get arbitrary data from cross file properties. 3 years ago
10 svn wrap updates test svn-url to point to meson controlled repository 1 year ago