8856 Commits (master)

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  Jon Turney 63d67e2042 Fix 'linuxlike/14 static dynamic linkage' test on Cygwin 13 hours ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 0fbd09609f Clang-cl cross fix from Dale Curtis. Closes #5639. 1 day ago
  Mathieu Duponchelle 852fa087db doc: fix link warnings 19 hours ago
  Dylan Baker 2b6531a09b
Fix python2 rename (#6703) 1 day ago
  Adam Duskett 6ba034c37d mesonbuild/modules/gnome.py: Fix giscanner and gicompiler logic 1 day ago
  Adam Duskett f66b04b099 gobject-introspection: determine g-ir-scanner and g-ir-compiler paths from pkgconfig 3 days ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 36b573822a
azure ci: Test x86 Visual Studio builds again, closes #6604 2 days ago
  Jussi Pakkanen fb2b637bbb Typo fix. [skip ci] 2 days ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 999376a347 Document the project policy on mixing build systems. [skip ci] 2 weeks ago
  Dylan Baker a94d70711c
Merge pull request #6658 from michaelbadcrumble/clean_meson_init 3 days ago
  Michael Brockus 0f92e0c3fa
Update minit.py 3 days ago
  Michael Brockus b12ba4b1bc
fixed issue with auto-detection failing 3 days ago
  Michael Brockus c72de63b9b
use python set to tuple for checking members 3 days ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 9c604320a0
Merge pull request #6637 from mesonbuild/nirbheek/implement-symbolextractor-windows 4 days ago
  Yann Dirson ee94cb6c15
cmake2meson fix if nesting (#6676) 4 days ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 8bf937b012
Merge pull request #6602 from mensinda/depBoost 4 days ago
  Jussi Pakkanen bacf063aae
Merge pull request #6635 from mensinda/cmOTMFix 5 days ago
  adamjalkemo 00c9a7a430 Update Custom-build-targets.md 6 days ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 04e89d0867 symbolextractor: Add support for Cygwin 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan cbd143844d symbolextractor: Add support for clang-cl 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan cace70c64e symbolextractor: Add a Windows implementation 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 3320e13d91 unit tests: Add a test for the symbolchecker script 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan b0061257c9 unit tests: Add a test for reconfigure causing no-op build 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 225d842e4c unit tests: Make assertBuildNoOp check stricter 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 26615ac422 unit tests: Skip if pkg-config is not found 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 5dcbf10a1b ninjabackend: Pass the import library to SHSYM 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 72c6cbd990 ninjabackend: Minor refactoring 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 7f1d78f304 tests: Ensure that executable and library are named differently 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan be486a2ec8 ninjabackend: List PDBs in output list for targets 1 week ago
  Dylan Baker be9bff81a2 coredata: Fix search and replace mistake 1 month ago
  Dylan Baker edb52e9003 coredata: Warn on reconfigure if PKG_CONFIG_PATH has changed 1 month ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 33fbc548ab
Merge pull request #6668 from mesonbuild/nirbheek/strip-more-unused-linkerlike-args 6 days ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 36b4dec262 macOS: Remove more unused linkerlike args 1 week ago
  Dylan Baker 48f3e72493 linkers: Update the linker names to be more consistent 1 week ago
  Dylan Baker 9e7cca1472 docs: Fix reference table for linker names 1 week ago
  Dylan Baker cd30216ce4 compilers/compilers: Fix get_linker_id 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 090eaac918 unit tests: Remove an unused variable 1 week ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 4597235f92 msubprojects: We return a string from git() now 1 week ago
  Rohan Garg 73f03e6093 Introduce dataonly for the pkgconfig module 6 months ago
  Daniel Mensinger 96f5d4e455
boost: Updated tests 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Mensinger 08224dafcb
boost: Rewrite the boost system dependency 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Mensinger 893c246550
boost: Rewrite boost_names.py generator 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Mensinger 113ec96626
cmake: Fix relative paths for add_custom_{command,target} 1 week ago
  Michael 9edbaec2f4 make use of default project const 1 week ago
  Michael ea93619092 make use of enums 1 week ago
  Michael 15cbc4cf0d removed hardcoded values for more add less work in the long run. 1 week ago
  Michael 69b4203a85 switch Python list for set 1 week ago
  Michael 46f9a2a12d remove uneeded '(' and ')' 1 week ago
  Niklas Hambüchen 8d63b6340b
docs: Fix Dub section being inside CMake section [skip ci] 1 week ago
  Daniel Mensinger 55d3fe4f4a cmake: Ignore files that violate subproject isolation (fixes #6640) 1 week ago