8127 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Xavier Claessens ef3992f1cc configure_file(): Allow multiple inputs in command mode 1 week ago
  Xavier Claessens 5d0ced220c pkgconfig: Fix ordering of public libraries 4 days ago
  jimbo1qaz 7e2c54c0a3 Fix improperly closed code backtick [skip ci] 4 days ago
  Gabriel Ganne e7197895b2 uniform scan-build detection process 1 week ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 9e04450eb6
Merge pull request #5917 from alanc/solaris-fixes 6 days ago
  Alan Coopersmith 3e0279ba9f get_library_dirs: Add Solaris 64-bit library subdirs 1 week ago
  Alan Coopersmith 0faaf9720f Fix "test cases/linuxlike/14 static dynamic linkage" on Solaris 1 week ago
  Daniel Mensinger 47bdea5040 mconf: Fix meson configure crash (fixes #5909) 1 week ago
  Ross Burton ad368cfc07 modules/python: improve log when probing Python binary 1 week ago
  Alan Coopersmith 692fade34e Fix "test cases/common/131 generated assembly" on Solaris 2 months ago
  Alan Coopersmith 3d74987c81 compilers: Recognize Solaris 11.4 linker 1 week ago
  Andrei Alexeyev d768a76ab2 Workaround for mingw-llvm linker (lld) misdetection 1 week ago
  Dylan Baker 15f8165bde environment: merge successive is_windows blocks 1 week ago
  Dylan Baker b98337808c docs: Add a snippet about illumos and Solaris support improvements 2 weeks ago
  Dylan Baker 523c393691 docs: Add sunos to the reference table 1 month ago
  Dylan Baker 4ce43a450b tests: pass "cp" as argv[0] in test 162 1 month ago
  Dylan Baker 4030ee4b6f the solaris linker also needs start/end-group for circular linking 1 month ago
  Dylan Baker 67d1948005 tests: add sunos to get define 1 month ago
  Dylan Baker 3a011df4df unitests: dont assume cc exists or is valid 1 month ago
  Dylan Baker 52aba19b17 environment: gcc/g++ and clang/clang++ are valid objc/objc++ compilers to try 1 month ago
  Alan Coopersmith e5a67b4248 If ar is unrecognized, try gar for GNU ar 2 years ago
  David Seifert e19a49b895 Fix static archives stripping (#5905) 1 week ago
  David Seifert c9042fc3ee Rename 'rpath-link secondary' unit test 1 week ago
  Nguyen, Giang (G. Yakiro) 333f77ad3d fix objc freestanding sanitycheck 1 week ago
  David Seifert 7b9c348102 Add `-Wl,-rpath-link` for secondary dependencies 2 weeks ago
  dundir 61b5361c62 Update Quickstart Guide [skip ci] 2 weeks ago
  Jussi Pakkanen d67d5411bb
Merge pull request #5823 from scivision/linker-pgi-linux 2 weeks ago
  Fabian Bläse 7b76515534 man: Make argument order of setup command consistent with help message 2 weeks ago
  Aleksey Gurtovoy 75daed27bc mesonlib.split_args/quote_arg/join_args 1 month ago
  Michael Hirsch, Ph.D b9af8f8b6b
PGI cannot accept -pthread 2 weeks ago
  Michael Hirsch, Ph.D 25653cac07
PGI: windows workaround not-msvc-like enough function 2 weeks ago
  Michael Hirsch, Ph.D 3447767cac
PGI: windows PGI is sort of MSVC-like 2 weeks ago
  Michael Hirsch, Ph.D c8d380e4ef
PGI: use ar link wrapper on Windows 2 weeks ago
  Kramer Peace caec875fe1 Create CUDA linker with CUDA compiler 2 weeks ago
  Kramer Peace 7e8febaa8c Add get_soname_args method to CUDA linker 2 weeks ago
  Kramer Peace fb9a5ce867 Add a CUDA linker object 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Mensinger bd37147b4b mintro: Fix resolving nodes in kwargs (fixes #5884) 2 weeks ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 51a601c2ee Log the used strip command. [skip ci] 2 weeks ago
  Clinton Roy bba3ae5724 correct function call 2 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 53830038ac
docs/syntax: fix typo in dict example [skip ci] 2 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 41b0fae0a9
docs/syntax: Document that dicts are unordered [skip ci] 2 weeks ago
  Simon Allen d5026f13de Fix typo 2 weeks ago
  Simon Allen 6a7b4be824 Handle case of dependency('threads') in 'requires' 2 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 35732dfaa1 tests: Require ninja 1.9 on CI 3 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 48f3495178 tests: Upgrade to ninja v1.9 for Linux 3 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 5f9dccb9bc azure: Workaround MSYS2 PCH test failures 3 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 2522af4b26 travis/macos: Use brew ninja and upgrade to v1.9.0 3 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 96088d3e51 tests: Detect ninja v1.9 and disable timestamp hack 3 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 2048bd41ec azure: Bump to upstream ninja v1.9 release 3 weeks ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan aa0945471c azure: Download pkg-config.exe from meson cidata 3 weeks ago