The Meson Build System
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Meson® is a project to create the best possible next-generation build system.


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  • Python (version 3.5 or newer)
  • Ninja (version 1.7 or newer)

Installing from source

Meson is available on PyPi, so
it can be installed with pip3 install meson. The exact command to
type to install with pip can vary between systems, be sure to use
the Python 3 version of pip.

If you wish you can install it locally with the standard Python command:

python3 -m pip install meson

For builds using Ninja, Ninja can be downloaded directly from Ninja
GitHub release page
or via PyPi

python3 -m pip install ninja

More on Installing Meson build can be found at the
getting meson page.


Meson requires that you have a source directory and a build directory
and that these two are different. In your source root must exist a
file called To generate the build system run this

meson setup <source directory> <build directory>

Depending on how you obtained Meson the command might also be called instead of plain meson. In the rest of this document we
are going to use the latter form.

You can omit either of the two directories, and Meson will substitute
the current directory and autodetect what you mean. This allows you to
do things like this:

cd <source root>
meson setup builddir

To compile, cd into your build directory and type ninja. To run unit
tests, type ninja test.

More on running Meson build system commands can be found at the
running meson page
or by typing meson --help.


We love code contributions. See the contribution
on the website for


The irc channel for Meson is #mesonbuild over at Freenode.

You can use FreeNode’s official webchat
to connect to this channel.

Further info

More information about the Meson build system can be found at the
project’s home page.

Meson is a registered trademark of Jussi Pakkanen.