The Meson Build System
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Meson Documentation

Build dependencies

Meson uses itself and hotdoc for generating documentation.

Minimum required version of hotdoc is 0.8.9.

Instructions on how to install hotdoc are here.

Building the documentation

From the Meson repository root dir:

$ cd docs/
$ meson built_docs
$ ninja -C built_docs/ upload

Now you should be able to open the documentation locally

built_docs/Meson documentation-doc/html/index.html


Meson uses the git-upload hotdoc plugin which basically removes the html pages and replaces with the new content.

You can simply run:

$ ninja -C built_docs/ upload

Contributing to the documentation

Commits that only change documentation should have [skip ci] in their commit message, so CI is not run (it is quite slow). For example:

A commit message [skip ci]