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  alanNz 1682058dec -Fixed Renesas RX Family compiler to work with latest meson, updated cross-file, fixed assembly file use 4 weeks ago
  Dylan Baker 255fa5a320 tests: Add a test case for finding ld 1 month ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 7ec3af95e5
Updated linker MR (#6407) 1 month ago
  Jussi Pakkanen f41bdae368 Add basic Webassembly support via Emscripten. 8 months ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 9a62d6932b Make ARM compilers work on Linux. 7 months ago
  Roman Shpuntov bf1323a48c Added tvOS cross file 8 months ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 6c76ac8017 Handle strings in cross file args. Closes #4671. 1 year ago
  Phillip Cao 68c83cb213 Add support for Renesas CC-RX toolchain 1 year ago
  Vasu Penugonda 7140afc0a8 Added ARMCLANG compiler support for C/C++ (#3717) 1 year ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 21dc45dbbb Add MinGW-w64 64-bit to the Travis CI 1 year ago
  Jussi Pakkanen c72b4e1b9c Imported Debian fixes by Matthias Klose. 1 year ago
  Somasekhar Penugonda e62b8109eb Updates to CPP support and update review changes 1 year ago
  Somasekhar Penugonda a470835778 Meson Github pull request - 3186 requested changes 2 years ago
  Adam C. Foltzer 1d81efb03d Add cross-compilation support for `rustc` 2 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen a4db467669 Use GCC 7 for cross compilation tests. 2 years ago
  Ole André Vadla Ravnås c352c34ff1 cross: Fix host_machine.system in the example iphone cross config. 2 years ago
  Nirbheek Chauhan 42267f2afa Always pass cross-file {lang}_args to compiler checks 2 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 2b65083463 Fix cross test and run them if a cross compiler is available. 3 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 695aa0b8c2 Made cstdlib a subproject. 3 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 53e90acda9 Fix Vala cross compilation. Closes #370. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 572ce0f451 Added cpu family property to system information. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 2e3bd006d3 Converted alignment check to work also when cross compiling. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen ad5795ed2e Converted sizeof check to work also when cross compiling. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 2c5688445b Created iphone cross file and made it possible to specify compile and link args in the cross file. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 78739afd9c Use system() instead of name() which is a confusing term. 4 years ago
  Igor Gnatenko ca8d25f832 make consistent style 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 642db009a3 Cleanups. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 30d0c2292f Support target-only cross compilation properly. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 463d08d545 Now host_machine, build_machine and target_machine are properly separated and return correct values. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen eb3cdb6f8d Changed cross compilation file to new format. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen bf02849d59 Use cross file's pkgconfig binary when cross compiling. Closes #138. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 8be84a4a7c Some more cross tweaking. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 572587f5ce Fix cross compilation tests. 4 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 6eb4474349 Fix ARM strip binary path. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 52ed7fd8f8 Can build both cross and native binaries at the same time. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 195fb0d967 Get alignment from cross file. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 21e4fcc6b0 Get has_function from cross file. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 2117814826 Get sizeof info from cross file if it exists and write an error if it can not be determined. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 6780050cbf Run cross build tests with exe wrapper. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 354bdca920 Can generate a very simple cross environment. 6 years ago
  Jussi Pakkanen 5d38cbfade A journey to cross-compilation starts with a single step. 6 years ago