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Some fixes for CompCert

1. Like with gcc's `ld`, also use the `group_start` code to create a
2. xc16 tricked into believing the 'link_whole' was about `--*-group`,
   but it should use gcc's `--whole-archive` instead.
3. Not clear what the get_lib_prefix should really do, but for picolibc
   it seems I want just `''`.

The problem with picolibc was that the `-l` would be prefixed to a lib
like `picolib/libm/libm.a`. Though of course the `-l` would be necessary
for just a plain `m` (that's what I assumed this would be used for).
I think this might need some clarification from the meson devs ;-)
Sebastian Meyer Dylan Baker 1 month ago
2 changed files with 4 additions and 4 deletions
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  2. +2

+ 2
- 2
mesonbuild/compilers/mixins/ View File

@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ from pathlib import Path
from ... import arglist
from ... import mesonlib
from ... import mlog
from ...linkers import GnuLikeDynamicLinkerMixin, SolarisDynamicLinker
from ...linkers import GnuLikeDynamicLinkerMixin, SolarisDynamicLinker, CompCertDynamicLinker
from ...mesonlib import LibType
from .. import compilers
from .visualstudio import VisualStudioLikeCompiler
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ class CLikeCompilerArgs(arglist.CompilerArgs):
# This covers all ld.bfd,,, and xild on Linux, which
# all act like (or are) gnu ld
# TODO: this could probably be added to the DynamicLinker instead
if isinstance(self.compiler.linker, (GnuLikeDynamicLinkerMixin, SolarisDynamicLinker)):
if isinstance(self.compiler.linker, (GnuLikeDynamicLinkerMixin, SolarisDynamicLinker, CompCertDynamicLinker)):
group_start = -1
group_end = -1
for i, each in enumerate(new):

+ 2
- 2
mesonbuild/ View File

@@ -900,13 +900,13 @@ class CompCertDynamicLinker(DynamicLinker):
def get_link_whole_for(self, args: T.List[str]) -> T.List[str]:
if not args:
return args
return self._apply_prefix('-WUl,--start-group') + args + self._apply_prefix('-WUl,--end-group')
return self._apply_prefix('-Wl,--whole-archive') + args + self._apply_prefix('-Wl,--no-whole-archive')

def get_accepts_rsp(self) -> bool:
return False

def get_lib_prefix(self) -> str:
return '-l'
return ''

def get_std_shared_lib_args(self) -> T.List[str]:
return []