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Script Files

The TiddlyWiki5 repository contains several scripts in the bin folder that you can use to automate common tasks, or as a useful starting point for your own scripts. See Scripts for building for details of the scripts used to build and release

All the scripts expect to be run from the root folder of the repository.

serve: serves

./bin/ -h
./bin/ [edition dir] [username] [password] [host] [port]


./bin/serve.cmd -h
./bin/serve.cmd [edition dir] [username] [password] [host] [port]

This script starts TiddlyWiki5 running as an HTTP server, defaulting to the content from the edition. By default, the Node.js serves on port 8080. If the optional username parameter is provided, it is used for signing edits. If the password is provided then HTTP basic authentication is used. Run the script with the -h parameter to see online help.

To experiment with this configuration, run the script and then visit in a browser.

Changes made in the browser propagate to the server over HTTP (use the browser developer console to see these requests). The server then syncs changes to the file system (and logs each change to the screen).

test: build and run tests

This script runs the test edition of TiddlyWiki on the server to perform the server-side tests and to build test.html for running the tests in the browser.

lazy: serves with lazily loaded images

./bin/ <username> [<password>]


./bin/lazy.cmd <username> [<password>]

This script serves the edition content with LazyLoading applied to images.

2bld: builds TiddlyWiki 2.6.5

This script builds TiddlyWiki 2.6.5 from the original source and then displays the differences between them (diff is used for *nix, fc for Windows).